Service Opportunities

Open Service Positions

Seeking a service member for the position of Alternate Delegate for the Carolina Region. A detailed description of the position follows. If you have questions or interest in exploring this service opportunity, please email

Regional Delegates 

Regional delegates and alternate delegates should be members who have been ASRs. If this is not feasible, regions may select from members who have completed a minimum of three years continuous service as GSRs in Nar-Anon. When elected as delegates and alternate delegates, while in office, they cannot hold office in the area or region; this also includes no longer being a GSR. Delegates and alternate delegates are elected to serve for three (3) years, representing all the meetings in their region. This is why it is important that they hold no other position in their group, area, or region. The term of service begins following the election. Alternate delegates should be willing to become delegates at the end of their delegate’s term, upon assembly approval.


  • Work for the good of Nar-Anon, providing two-way communication between the region and Nar-Anon as a whole
  • Speak for members, groups, and areas within the region at the world service level
  • Attend all regular meetings of the RSC, assemblies, the WSC, and when invited, area meetings
  • Work closely with ASRs, the RSC, and subcommittees
  • May serve on subcommittees, although not as chair
  • Contact inactive areas to determine their status at the region level
  • Are a source of information regarding the Twelve Traditions and Concepts, providing input in matters which concern them
  • Keep the region informed of the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) as soon as it becomes available, prior to the WSC
  • Coordinate and facilitate as many sessions as the RSC requests to review the CAR
  • Obtain a group conscience at the assembly to vote on items in the CAR and a vote of confidence for items not in the CAR
  • Visit groups to report on the WSC in cooperation with ASRs within the region
  • Become active member of a World Service Committee. Committee list is found in the back of the Guide to Local Services

Alternate Delegates

  • In the delegates’ absence, perform the duties of delegate previously listed
  • In the event delegate are unable to fulfill the duties of their position, assume the delegates’ duties until an election assembly can be held
  • Attend all regular RSC meetings and assemblies, and when invited, area meetings
  • May serve on one or more of the RSC subcommittees
  • Attend the WSC with their delegate in the last year of the delegate's term to become familiar with the WSC process (this is conditional upon approval by their region and WSO)
  • May join world service committees, which are listed in the back of the Guide to Local Services