Resources for Sponsorship

Temporary Sponsor List Available
Sponsorship is an important tool of the Nar-Anon program.  Based on feedback from the last assembly, the Carolina Region now maintains a list of temporary sponsors.  A temporary sponsor can give immediate support, encouragement, and guidance while a sponsee continues to look for a long term sponsor.  Individual members can now contact us at  for the temporary sponsor list.
If  you would like to be added to the list of temporary sponsors, please complete the form below. We are grateful to those members who are willing to provide this important service.

Sponsorship Workshop Materials

October 2020 Carolina Regional Assembly workshop materials are available for download. Click on the links below.

Sponsorship PDF

Sponsorship PowerPoint

Sponsorship Literature

Available from the Nar-Anon WebStore


Becoming A Sponsor

Ideas and suggestions for those interested in becoming a sponsor. P-110 | 11-02-15

Finding A Sponsor

Describes the role of a sponsor, how to choose one, and the importance of a sponsor in our recovery; includes the sponsee’s responsibilities and FAQ’s; and suggests additional literature that may be helpful. P-101 | 08-08-26