Why Do We Serve?

In Nar-Anon, we have found that doing service work has been helpful in our recovery. There are many ways a member may choose to serve with Nar-Anon.  One way is within your own group serving as Group Service Representative (GSR), Secretary, or Treasurer. Your group might need help with a welcome committee,  outreach opportunities, or setting up the meeting room or put things away after the meeting. You can also consider service with the Region.

The Nar-Anon Family Groups service structure is in place to support the groups, the members, and ultimately the newcomer.  "To fulfill our fellowship's primary purpose, the Nar-Anon Family Groups have joined together to create a structure that develops, coordinates, and maintains services on behalf of Nar-Anon as a whole." -- Nar-Anon Family Groups Concept One

As members and as a group, we support the service structure through our group donations and taking on service commitments at the level of area, region, and beyond. The service structure in turn provides member services such as guidelines, literature, newsletters, conventions and much more.

For more information about service and how to donate your time, email